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Easy Steps to Entrepreneurship - Tamara Monosoff

Author of "Your Million Dollar Dream", Tamara Monosoff, gives pointers on how you can become an entrepreneur.

Author of "Your Million Dollar Dream" Tamara Monosoff, gives pointers on how you can become an entrepreneur.

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computer-generated transcript - may not be 100% accurate " We have people who like to be their robots and going to business for themselves to what it really. I met up with tomorrow miles off the author of your million dollar dream to learn how everyday people can do it even in these tough economic times. Extradite -- thinks happened now you've actually -- entire book on your million dollar dream. And a lot of people out there think they have these great ideas how do you feel really have ones that can really make some money." " Well first line up is because people are struggling and so whether or night -- at a crossroads trying to figure out what to do next for work. Or if he already had business you're trying to re energizing. Or come up with new revenue streams eating dive into this black and it will help lift you up no matter where you are in the process. That -- an idea and you don't know what to deal they're three approaches. To entrepreneurship at -- do -- now. Do it others dale and -- the common every -- problem cell. Do -- now is look we have scales an -- we don't give ourselves an -- credit for the skills that we have. To take and sometime and I late what do I do well and see people turn their skills into a viable business. And this other thing is do which would do it others do so for example when you are out about me you aren't that the restaurant or somewhere. A lot of the business but you think I'd rather send things they should be doing differently area I would do it this way. Cool little minute why not be here so why not -- that as Nancy could be online or is it a store. And and you made it and then improve it and making your out. Great idea and then -- the common everyday problem is an example like Shutterfly. Dot com and they -- that Christine Siegelman hill was able to create digital photos online and she created she -- the common everyday problem. Now the -- is a great website by the way and people are creating new step every day how -- we know. If we really have a product that people will. I hate that's the number one question and set an important question because you have to do your market research and of course he -- that people like. Yeah. And killing -- it lets you restart yeah. But it you have to killings -- market in the best places to get information about whether or not that they -- market. Is your industry association so let's see of the housewares -- academic housewares association what every year there's -- association for any thing at great information on track it's. Another source is just articles like business articles those reporters of having do their homework and you need good information as well. And then also census data gives you a great about the amount of information so for example if you wanna create a pet product you've got. There's 77 million households with pat so that's a huge market. So you just do your research is a big one now how often. How would people do create web sites or products how often are they successful versus how often they fail and what do you think is the main difference between -- well I think that. As we now a lot of small businesses do you think album but I think that if you do your Hummer first now besides all the big market research you need it asked people more their feet back. An important thing is he need to listen to what answers are I think a lot of times people you know -- so in love with there. Product or service. That they think everybody -- don't want it. And the reality is and probably not say need to ask other people listen this is something you would buy in if not why not what would you change how would you improve it. I ask all these types of questions and you can take all of those best ideas. And help refine your product or service that we need to get out to market your going to be much by six that's a perfect thank you so much all great tips if you like more insight on starting your business pick up a copy of -- book. -- million dollar dream it's available on -- we'll be right back."

Author of "Your Million Dollar Dream" Tamara Monosoff, gives pointers on how you can become an entrepreneur. Do More... For Less with the Money-Saving Tips & Videos on - Get More for Your Money, and Your Life!