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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas - Steffany Boldrini

5 Top Eco-friendly and budget-friendly gift ideas from Steffany Boldrini and the creative folks at

5 Top Eco-friendly and budget-friendly gift ideas from Steffany Boldrini and the creative folks at
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All links can be found here: This green gift guide was especially made for you and Mother Earth. It's filled with cool gifts that are environmentally friendly and can be given to women, men, kids, friends and even co-workers. I hope you enjoy it and think green this holiday season! Secret Storage Books: what a neat idea to take unwanted, unsold, unused books that would have been otherwise destryoed and make a secret storage box that you can hide many things inside! I actually just found a video that shows how they do it, just go to their site and click on process. In the end you see that this is almost like a piece of art! Here are some ideas on what to use this storage box as: surprise packaging, coffee table organizer, remote control garage, cell phone caddy, desk organizer, camera storage and any other secret you might have! Blue Tea: the blue tea company was founded by John Reyers who inherited an ancient recipe from an elder of his tribe. The ingredients were said to pacify hostile warriors after the battles. This tea has a special ingredient called Palo Azul that's proven to enhance health. They say on their site that bioflavinoids and antioxidants found in Blue Tea have been said to have significant health benefits according to Modern Medical Research. They also say that by drinking Blue Tea one could reduce the risk of cancer. This tea contains tannings which are said to help prevent urinary tract infections. It's also caffeine free. Terracycle Speakers: these M&M speakers done by Terracycle are made with recycled M&M boxes, in fact everything Terracycle makes were previously trash, which in the green world, we call this process upcycling. They also donate a small percentage of each trash a school or an individual sends them and so far have donated over $1.5M. You can also find other cool gift ideas such as a circuit board desk clock, a bike chain frame or an oreo wrapper kite. Reusable water bottle by U-Turn 2 Tap: their reusable water bottle is fabulous, it is made with food grade stainless steel, it's BPA-free, phthalate free, the paints are non-toxic and even the cap is BPA-free There are several colors and sizes available, they've several designs to choose from and they're all made by eco-friendly artists. And last but not least, they donate 1% of their revenue to the planet. The perfect green gift for that friend who hasn't made the switch yet or your gym buddies who don't have a reusable water bottle. iPad Sleeve by Brenthaven: this company makes iPad sleeves with 100% recycled billboard. The corners are excellent protection and inside there's a faux suede liner to help keep the iPad scratch free. There's even a video on their site of them dropping this sleeve with an iPad inside from about 3 feet high, nothing happened to it. This sleeve has a lifetime warranty and is very affordable, something that their competitors can't match. Another cool thing about Brenthaven is that every marketing material is made with recycled paper and printed on soy based ink, way to go above and beyond! I hope you enjoyed our Green Gift Guide and may you have an amazing holiday season with your loved ones. Stay tuned for a couple more guides coming up before Christmas! Category:

5 Top Eco-friendly and budget-friendly gift ideas from Steffany Boldrini and the creative folks at Do More... For Less with the Money-Saving Tips & Videos on - Get More for Your Money, and Your Life!