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Money Saving, 5 Top Spend Less TV Tips

A wealth of money saving insights and tips from personal finance coach & radio host Garrett B. Gunderson when he interviews co-founder, Michael Fishman on The 5 Tracks to Wealth radio program

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Money Saving, 5 Top Tips
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In this clip, co-founder, and author of a chapter in "The Worst-Case Scenario Business Survival Guide," Michael Fishman, is interviewed on The 5 Tracks of Wealth radio program on the Producer's Power Hour, hosted by personal finance coach and author of New York Times bestselling book, "Killing Sacred Cows", Garrett B. Gunderson.

Garrett reveals insight on how to live better while growing your savings at the same time, and has SLTV's Co-founder, Michael Fishman revealing 5 Top Tips so you can keep more of your money in your pocket.

Don't miss Garrett's other helpful videos in the SLTV Exclusives programming section. Garrett's clips cover the topics of saving money on taxes, lowering your interest rates, and pointers to stay on top of your credit score.

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Michael is no longer an active member of Spend Less TV, but you can connect with Michael Fishman here: Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Trouble receiving our emails? Please click here.
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Video Transcript: "Money Saving: 5 Top Spend Less TV Tips," a Original video from Garrett B. Gunderson and Michael Fishman:

- GUNDERSON: Well speaking of prosperity - we're out there in the marketplace every day right? There's all these things that we're looking to buy, or there's things that we've dealing with with money all the time! And there's a lot of things that if I would've known, I would have saved a whole lot of money! And what's good is that there's actually a web site out there now where we can go to with over nine-hundred resources as far as videos that you could watch and get tips - anything from how to get out of a cell phone contract, to how to save some taxe,s to discounts. I've got the founder, Michael Fishman, on the show today to share what he's got this passion for, and welcome, Michael! I'm excited to be talking about this I mean Spend Less TV! So tell us some of what you hope to provide the market place.

- FISHMAN: It's that we're talking about. We've got nearly nine hundred free videos there right now categorized. It really is designed to give people the tips and advice they need to save money in every area of the spending and we want the environment to be pleasant, to give good action steps and generate possibilities and options for people.

- GUNDERSON: well so basically there's different categories give the example of some different categories that people can find on the site.

- FISHMAN: Sure, from appliances, and car maintenance and gasoline, to groceries, electronics, restaurants, cooking, health and beauty, holidays, carreers...

- GUNDERSON: hold on, like if you throw in a party you should come here and find out about hosting an event, or anything around entertainment as well...

- FISHMAN: That's right! We've got quite a few people who come to us around entrepreneurial ideas, and we have some good small business segments from entrepreneurs and coaches, things around your pets, mortgages, college financing and travel

- GUNDERSON: And this is something that they don't have to pay for?


- GUNDERSON: Talk about spend less...

- FISHMAN: No, not at all. We're advertiser supported. And the videos, Garrett, are from all around the Internet and that could be anything from a broadcast program like the Today Show or something from CNN or Fox, and it could be a video blogger with some great content.

- GUNDERSON: Right, and then I love that you've got your Exclusive videos that are only going to be found on the site, and you've got this resource that should go check out, Spend Less, you can even become a subscriber, there is no spam ever, and they'll subscribe anytime, but you can get these updates. What we're going to do is we're going to talk about specific ways that you can save money.

- FISHMAN: Well the most popular segment last year was How to Get Out of a Cell Phone Contract. And with how quickly that those devices are changing and evolving and whatever you get today is obsolete ninety days from now, people always want a new phone, or their phone's broken and it's just an amazing universal question and is no accident that that video became number one. And the fact is that there's something in most cell phone contracts called the MAC, the material adverse change clause, and that is: if there's a change to the details of your service, the deal, the contract length, any of the particulars that you don't like, and it's easy to not like the changes because they are generally in the favor of the telecom provider, you can raise your hand and say: I want out of the contract. There's of a lot of small print around that which most people are not aware of. So that's one thing. There's another thing called, Founded Money is Yours To Claim. It's about a website that's called, This is that the only site that is officially authorized to contact all fifty states on your behalf to see if your state is holding any money in terms of tax refunds or insurance rebates or any any money that might have been issued and not redeemed or not cashed. And to my surprise, just checking out to make sure it was on the up-and-up for our viewers, I put my security number in there and got two-hundred-ninety-three dollars back from the state of New Jersey where I used to live.

- GUNDERSON: yeah, and I just went to during the break, and it says I've got something unclaimed, and it was was easy to fill out I've got an asset to be claimed it says.

- FISHMAN: that's great next time we're together you owe me a sandwich or something...

- GUNDERSON: Hey, if it's big, maybe I'll fly you out here, we'll just see, if it's small I'll get ya a sandwich, but I would have never known about that had you not brought that up, and it was easy to do. FISHMAN: Yeah, so we're batting a thousand, it's certainly worth looking at.

- GUNDERSON: For sure. Why don't we talk about what you've been using quite a bit from the site.

- FISHMAN: Sure. Anywhere you go, and this works particularly well with traveling, hotels, there are a lot of deals out there, and we even have a video called, Secret Deals You Have to Ask For, which is extremely popular as you can imagine. The key is just be willing to as, just be inquisitive and curious and say, " Is there anything I might be entitled to here that I might not know about or be aware of?" It's such an acknowledging and kind way to say, Hey can I get a break here? But the fact is lots of stores, not only independent stores, but big brands, big hotel chains and airlines have things that they're not putting out to you but that they do have available and you'd be amazed at how much you can save by just asking, it's a good practice.

- GUNDERSON: Garrett Gunderson your host, and Michael Fishman's my guest from But look at that! There's an exclusive, by me, it's called Magically Lower Your Interest Rates. This is something I haven't covered before. Go there! Watch that video! It's going to save you money on your credit card, or a car loan, or anything that has to do with a financial institution. How you get at right department to use the right magic words to get to the right department to get a better interest rate and how once again you can find out if they have any specials are running or any offers or it might save you money on a mortgage... it's a little bit less than five-minutes so go!

- FISHMAN: But Garrett, let me just say that you're one of the first significant national personalities that have really stepped up to support in your contributions to the Exclusives programming, and I want you know but I appreciate that very much.

- GUNDERSON: I enjoy doing it! You know my attention is to give specific, condensed, versions so people can get the information quickly and take action, so within twenty-four hours they can incorporate something in their lives that has them spending less money yet they're living the same or better lifestyle and so I think that that's just a great way to do this.

- FISHMAN: Yeah, at some level is no reason to throw away money, to spend more than is necessary and...

- GUNDERSON: Here is the one-two punch here in my opinion... you and how to spend less on the things that you're currently spending on or that you're going to be buying so that you keep more of your money, which the site is dedicated to, then take those additional dollars you save, put them into yourself, where you could really have a better lifestyle in a very short period of time and really get ahead - even if your income doesn't change right now, even if you've got the same amount of resources this allows you to be more resourceful because you've increased your knowledge, and knowledge will lead to more money in your pocket and a better lifestyle.

- FISHMAN: Exactly. Our goal is for people to have a positive approach, and as you point out, to have those extra dollars into furthering themselves or even pampering themselves.

- GUNDERSON: You know I haven't talked about "Killing Sacred Cows" for a while, the New York Times bestseller that I've had out there, but one of the chapters is very much aligned with what we're talking about today with SpendLessTV. You know the myth is: a penny saved is a penny earned... and what I mean by that is that there are sometimes when people come in and they go, "I just went to this sale and I got this for forty percent off! and because it's forty percent off I saved all this money!" But there're a lot of sales that are really not sales at all! They're purely schemes that get us to buy things that we don't want, that we don't need, that were not going to use - just in the name of getting a good deal, and Spend Less TV has done some features on this, and Michael this is especially prevalent with these liquidation sales, right?

- FISHMAN: Right. Unfortunately in the last couple years some of the major chains have done liquidation and bankruptcy sales, and there's kind of a fever pitch, you really feel like there's great deals here, I really should take advantage of it, I really should buy something. But the fact is, there are companies who's business it is to go into liquidating chains and to actually help them with those final sales and they actually bring in merchandise that wasn't in the store in the first place just to take advantage with that kind of frenzy of purcasing that's going on

- GUNDERSON: I saw one of those billboards today, just as I was driving.. and I remember I went and bought something at a liquidation sale, we didn't even need it, and it doesn't even work now!

- FISHMAN: It's hard to miss those, they're in every town. The key here is: before you get all caught up in that frenzy take a moment - the store will be there another few days or a week, look on the web, compare the prices, do not assume you are getting a fantastic price on the materials that that store is known for selling, and certinately do not assume you're getting a good price on items that are really a-typical or unusual to find in that store. That feeding frenzy is an area where merchants unfortunately can take advantage, just be aware that those prices are not necessarily as great as you think they are.

- GUNDERSON: If it's a place that you weren't going to go until you saw that, it's something you weren't going to buy until you thought that it was a good deal, I mean, that's spend more, get less because who cares about what the price is if there's no real value for you.

- FISHMAN: Exactly.

- GUNDERSON: Well, you know there's business owners listening right now ...

- FISHMAN: There's a fair amount of extremely valuable content in the business section, from consultants who's time is highly valued who get hundreds sometimes thousands dollars an hour like you, like Ryan Lee, Alexis Neely, Joe Polish...

- GUNDERSON: Awesome! Everyone should go check out right now the Exclusive that Joe Polish put up here for you for free, and he's been really one of the most significant people in my life when it comes to marketing, "Cost Effective Marketing for Small Business." What we want to do is, we want to you to leave you with some things you can immediately take action on...

- FISHMAN: There's lots of good programming coming up in the Exclusives section... we actually added a video to the site which was in today's e-letter to our subscribers about Groupon's, kind of a combination of the word group and coupon -, is a website that gather's people's willingness to buy certain goods and services and when they can get enough people together to say yes, I'd like to do this, that makes it worthwhile to the vendor, the discount kicks in and everybody gets it. Without a lot of effort it's amazing how much people can save... and without deprivation - we're not asking people to live a different lifestyle. If they can save the kind of money we believe is very possible it opens up funds for people to do with exactly what they'd like to do with it.

- GUNDERSON: Awesome! Well, thanks so much for giving some practical tips for people to be spending less money but not necessarily sacrificing lifestyle. And Michae, l I hope that SpendLessTV keeps reaching more more people so that we can improve the quality of life moving forward.

- FISHMAN: Garrett, thank you so much.

- GUNDERSON: Alright, take care.

A wealth of money saving Insight and tips from personal finance coach & radio host, Garrett B. Gunderson when he interviews co-founder, Michael Fishman on The 5 Tracks to Wealth, radio program Do More... For Less with the Money-Saving Tips & Videos on - Get More for Your Money, and Your Life!