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Street Food Smart

Vendor street food: to taste or not to taste? Curbside cuisine expert, Daniel Delaney, shares his wisdom on how to get the most for your vendor buck.

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Street Food Smart
We've all experienced going about our day or evening and suddenly coming across an alluring aroma that leads directly to a street vendor food cart... and then: to taste or not to taste?

Here in the video "Street Food Smart," curbside cuisine expert, Daniel Delaney, shares his wisdom on how to spot a quality street food vendor, get the most gourmet bang for your buck, and creative ways to enjoy a vendor feast.

Daniel is Executive Producer and lively Host of, where he features video reviews of the most mouth-watering gourmet vendor food to be found.

With Daniel's tips you won't miss out on the delicious money-saving deals of vendor dining!

Connect with Daniel Delaney:
Website: Delaney BBQ
Twitter: @danieldelaney
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Video transcript: "Street Food Smart," a Original video with Daniel Delaney: Hey there! My name is Dan Delaney, I'm the host of a web video series called VendrTV. Spend Less TV sort of came to me and sort of asked me if I'd make a video for you guys about eating street food and eating on the cheap, so, here's what I got for you: First off, street food is fantastic! You can really see a true ethnicity kind of shine through with it's street food and it's market culture, so I'm always a big supporter of eating off the street. Sometimes though people are a little nervous and cautious about eating street food. They think it's dirty, unsanitary, the food might not be a good enough quality.. and here are my tips for you: First, when you go to a street vendor, use your eyes! Take a look, if the guy has grime all over his cart, walk past it!, he's not your street vendor. Then when you go to a street vendor that you think is pretty good, talk to him. Ask him what he loves, ask him what he's most proud of, and if he lights up and if he tells you, then that's good, he has some passion! You should support him, eat his food. And if he's like, uuhhh, well I just kind of like, I don't know I'm just workin' here, move on, you can find a better street vendor, somebody that really cares about what he's doing. Once you have your food, there are a lot of things that you can do! You can go to a park, it can be like a really romantic date! So get this: normally you take your dates to this really expensive restaurants, draining your budget. Spin it! Create some sort of interesting evening by going to a street vendor, dining al fresco in a park, you eat on the cheap, but she's not going to think you're cheap because it's kind of quirky, it's kind of interesting, weird, and it will be a night that you both remember for a long time. So I encourage you to check out street food, it's a wonderful thing. You're supporting your local economy which is always a good thing, especially in this hour of the financial situation in America, and you can spin it, you can make it a romantic thing for two people in a park! So I think it's great. You should definitely check out our show if you want some tips on street food, you can see it online at And you can follow me on Twitter: Thanks guys, enjoy!

In this exclusive "Street Food Smart," curbside cuisine expert, Daniel Delaney, shares wisdom on how to spot a quality street food vendor, get the most gourmet bang for your buck, and creative ways to enjoy a vendor feast. Do More... For Less with the Money-Saving Tips & Videos on - Get More for Your Money, and Your Life!