The Best 50-Inch TVs in 2020

A 50-inch TV is a nice little medium-sized device, between a tiny screen and a TV bigger than the wall you have to put it on. They show enough to keep most immersed in the show while coming at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a new 50-inch TV this season, you at least know how big you need the TV to be.

Nowadays, you can find quite a few TVs that are around 50 inches that have plenty of smart features to go around. From televisions that have an abudance of smart features to something that’s meant for lower budgets, there’s something for everyone.

But how much should you pay? What features should you get? Should you get a 4K TV or look to 8K? What about the features of a smart TV? One downside to the TV market today is that there are so many televisions to choose from that it can make your head spin.

In this article, we will look at some 50-inch TVs that may be worth checking out. We hope to make your TV buying decision a little easier.

What Should I Look For When Buying 50-Inch TVs? 

When choosing 50-inch TVs, here are some things you should know about.

Screen Size

It seems easy to choose this when it comes to 50-inch TVs. You need a TV with a screen that is 50 inches, right? True. However, there are some TVs that may vary a little. Some may be 49 inches. Other may be 55 inches. When we say 50-inch, we are referring to TVs in that range. Sometimes, you may end up with a TV with a screen size that is a few inches lower or higher than what you expected. For some, a difference in screen size won’t matter too much. However, if you wanted a specific screen size, be mindful and get a 50-inch TV that is advertised as such.

Picture Quality

Obviously, you want a TV that will look good. A 4K, Ultra HD TV is quite affordable, but there are several factors that can make the quality even better. Some have HDR, a feature that sharpens the features by improving the color scheme.

Dolby Vision HDR is also a new form of HDR that some TVs have. Dolby Vision is the favorite of studios and Netflix nowadays, so if you get a smart TV with Dolby Vision picture quality, you may end up with soemthing that is truly phenomenal. When looking for the best in 50-inch TVs, you may need a TV with Dolby Vision in it.

There’s also the refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the motion you may see on the TV. This may be great for gaming, or if you just desire the best quality picture. Look for the refresh rate, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). The higher the number, the faster the refresh rate is.

What does this entail? Bascially, if your TV has a refresh rate of 80 Hz, it can refresh the screen 80 times a second.

Cheaper televisions will have processors that won’t be able to refresh as quickly. This can create lag on occasion. With some cheapies, you won’t even notice it, but with some it will be a little more blatant, and it will annoy you quite a bit.

There are also 8K TVs too. While most media isn’t available in 8K yet and these TVs come at a hefty price, it can sharpen the picture quality in order to give you the best possible resolution. This is still a next generation TV, so some people may considering waiting before they get one. However, if you need to best picture quality in 50-inch TVs, consider one that has 8K.

Smart TV Features

Smart TVs are kind of the norm these days. TVs are like little computers, with WiFi, streaming apps, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or other voice control, Bluetooth, and more. Some TVs may boast more features than others, such as modes specifically for gaming or movie watching. On the other hand, you may be someone who doesn’t want to be bogged down by a bunch of features, and you just need something for streaming or gaming.

Every smart TV is a little different. Some, such as the Fire, can stream live TV directly. The Roku smart TV is designed to be one that streamlines the smart TV experience. The ideal, best 50-inch TV for many is one that has basic features that are easier to use, but more advanced features should you desire them later.

Also, we should mention that with Bluetooth, not all types are created equally. There are some 50-inch TVs that can only receive signals. In other words, the soundbar or other device may connect to your ultra HD 50-inch screen, but it cannot send a signal to work with your Bluetooth headphones. Luckily, you can buy adapters to fix this issue, but some people may desire a TV that can do it from the get-go.


Sound quality is also important. Some people may just look for a home theater system, but you may also be someone who doesn’t need to buy one just yet. The speakers the TV has should be decent quality if you’re like that.

Energy Used

Many TVs have an Energy Star rating, which usually means they won’t take up too much energy whenever you’re using them. These TVs tend to have automatically adjusting brightness and will turn off when not in use.

Speaking of energy, the best of 50-inch TVs tend to have brightness that doesn’t take up too much energy, but it gives a bright enough screen to show the best image quality imaginable.


How much are you willing to pay for a 50-inch TV? You can find cheaper units for a couple hundred, but some can cost double that, or even over a grand, should you need high resolution or certain features.

With the best in 50-inch TVs, you also need to consider that many of them will go on sale, be it for the holiday season or another event. Should you want to buy one of the best TVs at 50 inches, think about the sales. You could snag one that is usually a high price and has a better image quality, but it’s available for a discount.

Warranty and Customer Service

A TV is a big investment. It’s something you’re going to have for a few years at the very least. You’ll want a TV company that has good customer service should there be anything wrong with it, or if you have general questions. Should your TV have problems early on, you should look for a company that will stand by their product and give you a customer service experience that is satisfactory.

Always read the fine print with the warranty as well. Some of them may not cover your entire ultra HD TV should something be wrong with the image that’s a hardware issue.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best TVs of 50 Inches

We chose from several TVs, all in the 50-inch range, and we tried to pick TVs with a diverse amount of features, price ranges, and satisfies other unique needs. We also picked TVs that had good reviews overall.

#1: SAMSUNG UN50TU8000FXZA (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The first TV on this list is dedicated to a TV that sells for a mid-range price. This TV isn’t too expensive, but also not a cheaper one either. If you’re searching for the best 50-inch TV, this may be a nice one for most people.

This TV has a 4K Ultra HD picture quality, and it has a powerful processor, which will upscale any media into 4K. The colors pop out amazingly. It includes HDR as well, making the colors pop out even if the scene is dark. Not all 4K smart TVs, especially older or cheaper ones, have this.

Another feature this 50-inch TV has is Auto Game Mode. If you’re a gamer, you despise lag. This 50-inch smart TV will automatically adjust the screen so that you have as little lag as possible.

Another feature this model has is a 1-year extended protection plan, giving you some peace of mind when you purchase this TV.

Reviews have been positive overall, with many people saying that this is a nice 50-inch TV for the price. A few reviewers had their lemons, but that is to be expected with any electronic device.

Overall, if you’re searching for a 50-inch smart TV with a 4K picture/image quality, a price that isn’t too high but not too low, and something that will last you a while, this is the best 50-inch to check out. It’s the first one you should look at whenever trying to buy a TV. Then, you can decide if other TVs fit your lifestyle better.

#2: Samsung QN55Q900RBFXZA (Best Overall)

The #2 product on this list is dedicated to a product for someone who has a higher budget. This TV comes at a high price, as it’s 8K. If you’ve been following TVs, you know that the next generation of resolution comes early and at a high price. Back in the early 2000s, HDTVs were out of most people’s price range and most media wasn’t in HD. The same with 4K in the early 2010s. History repeats itself with 8K in the early 2020s, and we assume that in 2030, we’ll be talking about the 16K TV.

This 55-inch TV does have the ability to sharpen the image on the screen so it is upscaled to 8K quality, even if you’re watching a 4K TV show. In addition, it boasts HDR 24x and a powerful processor. It’s quite a beast of a TV, and it’s an experience that not everyone will want to invest in just yet.

Reviews of this TV are positive overall, with many excited for the 8K wave and loving the high resolution this TV has to offer. Some reviewers do say to wait on it, however. Ultimately, if you have the budget, maybe you should try it out.

Overall, an 8K TV is still a hard sell for some people. The price is too high for most budgets, and the picture/image upgrade may be worth it when most media uses 8K. However, if you want to get ahead of the curve, you may purchase the best smart 50-inch TV that has 8K.

#3: Sony X800H (Best TV with Amazon Alexa)

If you’re searching for a smart TV with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, this is a great 50-inch TV to look at. Being able to control your TV with your voice is just a nice idea, after all. When you’re “locked” on the couch and your remote or phone is not nearby, being able to use your voice to control your TV is nice.

As you might expect, this is a 4K TV. It’s available in 49 or 55 inches. It does have 4K X-Reality Pro, a feature that upscales everything, along with other tech to bring out the colors. It also comes with HDR and Dolby Vision as well. Dolby Vision is HDR that Netflix uses.

Like some other 4K TVs, this does have a game mode. But since it is a Sony TV, it markets itself as being great for a PS4. We assume it will work with other consoles, but we are not sure.

Reviews of this 50-inch Ultra HD 4K TV have been positive overall, with most people saying the TV has a fantastic picture quality and screen size. The Google Assistant and Alexa feature was praised as well. Besides the lemons, a few people had minor gripes, such as the TV not having support for Bluetooth headphones.

Overall, this is the best 50-inch smart TV if you are searching for one with a sharp picture and the ability to use voice controls to take advantage of it. Plus, Sony always makes great TVs, and it could be ideal if you’re a person who plays the PS4.

#4: Hisense 50-Inch Class R6090G (Best Low Cost)

Next up is this Roku TV. This is a smart TV that has a home screen you can customize, a remote with a simple design and buttons to launch popular streaming apps, automatic updates, and more features. The Roku TV tends to be an affordable experience. This TV is great for guest rooms, for hotels, or if you just want an affordable TV.

Reviews of this Roku TV are positive overall, with many people praising its affordability, ease of use, and picture quality. A few people had lemons, but they were in the minority.

Overall, if you want a medium-size 4K TV at a price that will make you smile, check out this Roku TV. This smart TV is one that has basic features that most people will enjoy, and it has the image resolution and size you expect from other smart TVs on this list. While it may lack some features like Dolby Vision, most who just need an affordable TV won’t care too much about super-detailed image sharpening tools such as Dolby Vision.

#5: All-New Toshiba 50LF621U21 (Best Fire TV)

If you’re looking for the best 50-inch TV, you may want to look for a Fire TV experience. In case you were wondering what this is, a Fire TV allows you to air live TV along with your streaming content. Just connect an HD antenna, and you can watch live TV or streaming services.

It makes streaming much less of a hassle. Just plug it in, connect to your WiFi, and you’re good to go. Best of all, this Fire TV isn’t too expensive, either.

Besides the Fire TV feature, this is a 4K Ultra HD experience, with Dolby Vision HDR included as well.

Reviews of this TV are positive overall, with most saying that it is a great experience and it’s easy to use. The top negative reviews tended to be people who got lemons or people who didn’t know how to connect the headphones and still have the speakers playing.

Overall, if you are searching for a 50-inch Fire TV, this is a nice one to purchase. Fire was originally an accessory you could attach to your non-smart TV so you could have smart features. However, since most TVs are smart nowadays, Fire has evolved, and we believe you’ll like what you see.

Budget Options

Need a 50-inch TV and you don’t have too much to spend? Here’s a good TV for that.

#1 Budget: Westinghouse Full HD

This is not a smart TV, and it’s not 4K. Instead, it’s a full 1080p HD experience. However, if you are looking for a good, cheap TV, it may work just fine.

Besides that, it is hard to find a 50-inch TV under $200. If you need your TV to be that size and price, you do have several other options to try. For one, you could try to purchase a TV used, be it at the thrift shop or online. If you find a TV at a used items store, make sure it’s indeed a 50-inch. Measure it with a ruler along the diagonal to tell you if it’s a 50-inch.

Also, when buying used, make sure there is a return window in case it doesn’t work properly when you get it home. Nothing is worse than buying an electronic gadget that ends up not working. You instead should have some reassurance.

Who Has the Best Deals on TVs Right Now?

Right now, the best deals on TVs can be found at Amazon and Best Buy. With Amazon, their Prime deals allow you to snag an Ultra HD 50-inch TV for not too much. With Best Buy, they’ll easily match the price. Not only that, but Amazon has Prime Day coming up soon, so you can buy a TV at a great price.

With that said, deals are always happening, and this answer may be outdated. You always should do your research if you need to buy a great TV at a low rate.

Which Brand of TV Is the Best?

When it comes to TV brands, people are usually of two minds about it.

First, you have the brand loyalists. These people will swear by one brand of TV and will not buy anything else. Second, you have people who don’t care about brand. They just want a TV that has the features they’re looking for at a reasonable price. So, is there any truth to there being the best brand of TV?

There is no right answer. Instead, the best solution is to look at several of the big-name brands and show what they’re best known for.


Samsung is a brand that is best known for being well-rounded, which is why it’s in the “Best overall” category in our list. It has the basic features you need, and it also looks to the future with its 8K lineup. It has yet to have OLED, but that may change soon.


LG is known for their OLED, or organic light-emitting diode. These tend to have a better quality than your standard LEDs. Their colors pop a little more, and while they don’t have HDR10+ yet, that’s okay. They still make quality televisions.


Hisense is well-known for making TVs that fit those who are on a limited budget. When you think of a TV like this, you may imagine something stuck in the 1080p or even 720p world, but they make cheap 4Ks with HDR as well. Obviously, you make some sacrifices with a lower-priced TV. The processing power may not be as good, for example.


Sony is known for their TVs that have good audio technology. They use Acoustic Surface Audio+, which manages to make the audio come from the TV, not speakers located next to the TV. It’s a great TV if you’re searching for something that has good audio quality without a soundbar.


This TV is sold in Canada, Europe, and the UK. They are known for their cinematic picture, with a blend of HDR and OLED tech.


This is a Chinese brand that’s also known for their lower-priced televisions. They are a little more mindful when it comes to delivering decent televisions that don’t have too many sacrifices in regards to resolution and processing. While the TV may not be up there with bigger units, few people can complain in regards to the price.


This is another TV that isn’t available in the US, but it’s still worth talking about. It has HDR10+, OLED, and soundbars that are built in. Because of this, this is a brand that may be worth checking out. They also have Ambilight, a tech that will project colors behind the TV, allowing for a little more immersion.


While you shouldn’t shake this TV like a Polaroid camera picture, this TV, also referred to as Sceptre in some parts of the US, is a Walmart TV. As you can expect, this is another TV built for those who are on a tight budget. If you are wanting HDR or other fancy features in your TV, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you have a low budget, you may consider this.

There we go. Obviously, many of these TV brands have features that overlap, but there are some that have something standout, and it may be worth to purchase one brand over the other. There is no definitive best brand, but if we had to pick one, it would have to be Samsung, since that’s meant for the most amount of people. However, many may disagree, and that’s okay.

What Are the Best 50-Inch Televisions to Buy?

The best TVs that are 50 inches are all in this article. Read below if you want a summary, or read above if you need us to go in detail. At the end of the day, the best one for you will depend on your answers to these questions.

  • How much money are you willing to spend? More expensive televisions will have better processing and resolution, and vice versa.
  • What specific features are you looking for? Do you want OLED? HDR10+? Or do you want the best sound possible?
  • How reliable is the TV and what do the reviews say about it?

Buying a new TV can be hard, since there are so many on the market, each of which try to sell you on a unique feature. However, by marking down what you are looking for, how much you are willing to spend, and what others are saying about it, you can figure out which TV is the best for you and your situation. Hopefully, you can end up with a nice TV.

Verdict: The Best TVs of 50 Inches

There we have it. If you’re looking for the greatest 50-inch TVs, we believe we gave you some good OLED TVs to check out. Let’s summarize the best 50-inch smart TVs again.

First, we have the SAMSUNG UN50TU8000FXZA. This smart TV works well if you’re looking for a 50-inch that has everything most will be looking for in an Ultra HD 4K TV. It’s mid-ranged with a powerful processor, a gaming mode, and good picture resolution. It’s one of the best TVs money can buy.

Second, the Samsung QN55Q900RBFXZA. This is an 8K TV. Because this is a next-generation TV, it’s pricey and ahead of its time. However, if you have money and if you feel like investing in something with an 8K picture and screen, this may be it for you.

Third, the Sony X800H. This is one of those smart OLED TVs that includes Google Assistant and Alexa. Having a smart TV with Google Assistant/Alexa is a nice idea, as it allows you even more control of your TV.

Fourth, the Hisense 50-Inch Class R6090G. If you’re looking for a 50-inch 4K at an affordable price, going with a Roku smart TV is a great move. A Roku smart TV streamlines the smart TV process and comes at an affordable price, all while providing lots of features and a decent picture.

And finally, the All-New Toshiba 50LF621U21. If you want to get a Fire, this TV is for you. With plenty of smart features and the ability to stream live TV instantly to your screen, we believe that this TV may be a smart buy.

With that, we have five great TVs to check out. Whether you should wait for a sale or whether you should get a new one now is up to you. At 50 inches, these TVs work well for most and can get you a sharp image every time. We hope that you end up finding the best 50-inch TV for the job. The best of luck on your search.

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