The Best 70-Inch TVs in 2020

Looking for a nice TV? A 70-inch TV is a good size, and it manages to be affordable enough for many. Whether your old TV is standing on its last legs, or you just want to upgrade to 4K UHD, a good 70-inch TV can satisfy most needs. But which ones are the best? Let’s find out.

What Should I Look for When Buying 70-Inch TVs? 

70-Inch or 75-Inch?

A 70-inch TV can refer to any LED TV that is in the 70 range. So when you see an article about the best 70-inch TV, 75 may be included as well. A 75-inch is going to cost a little more, but it may be worth the extra cost. Obviously, how much space you have in your home is important when you’re picking a TV. You may not want a TV that takes up too much room.

4K or 8K?

The 1080p has gone out of style, and your choices now include the current 4K LED TV or 8K. 8K is much more expensive, but it can bring you an even sharper picture on your screen. The only problem is that most media is not 8K, so many will want to wait on 8K until the price goes down a little bit.

Energy Star

A TV that has an Energy Star rating won’t eat up too much of your electric bill. It can have a display that automatically adjusts, shutoff settings, and other features that prevent it from burning up too much electricity. Not only is this good for your bill, but your TV will last longer too.

Smart Capabilities

A modern LED TV is typically smart, which means it connects via Wi-Fi. This allows you to control it via your phone, connect it to Alexa, and more. Some TVs will have smarter features than others, like automatically adjusting the screen for a game to give it the best performance.

Sound Quality

How well does the TV sound without buying a home theater system? Modern TVs tend to sound quite good, and you may not even need the best soundbar for them. How loud can they go? Is it enough for your situation? Chances are, the modern TV will have good enough sound, but you should listen yourself if you want to make sure it does.


The best smart TVs tend to have good remotes. Many of them will have buttons to access Netflix and other streaming services with ease and will have batteries that will last you a long time.

This also applies to the app. The best smart TVs will have an app that is easy to use, and it has a nice remote that will get the job done. This is good if you can’t find the remote or just want to use your smartphone.


Your budget is important as well. The cost of a 70-inch LED TV used to be a lot, but these days, it’s not too much. It’s usually in the mid-range, $500-$1,000 price. However, some sizes and models will cost more. You may get a sharper screen for the price or get an LED TV that lasts longer.

Also, look for sellers who have a payment plan. Some manage to do so, allowing you to pay a certain amount per month. If you’re not about to drop a grand on a TV, dropping $200 a month or so is a much more reasonable request.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best 70-Inch TVs

We picked from several types of TVs, both 70-inch and 75-inch. We looked at 4K and 8K TVs and determined if any of them have a unique feature that sets them apart. Finally, we looked at the reviews and picked TVs that have positive reviews overall.

#1: LG 70UN7370PUC (Best Value – All-Purpose)

If you’re looking for the best 70-inch TVs, this is a good place to start. This smart TV is true 4K Ultra HD, and it has the option for you to choose between a 70-inch and a 75-inch. It has HDR content, Alexa, and a Quad Core Processor. This model paints your screen with the best possible picture. If you’re looking for a true 4K UHD experience, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

Reviews of this model have been positive overall, with most saying that this 4K ultra HD smart TV has some amazing picture quality and a beautiful LED screen. A vocal minority of reviews that were voted to the top had duds or did not know how to switch between store mode and home mode.

Overall, this TV should be your first pick. It’s not too cheap, yet not too expensive. It should give you everything you’re looking for in a 70″ TV in 2020. It’s 4K, has sharp picture, and is a great TV to own overall.

#2: Samsung QN75Q900RBFXZA (Best 8K)

It feels like yesterday that 4K UHD was introduced, and plenty of video games and movies have still not made the transition between 1080p and 4K resolution. It feels weird knowing there are now 8K TVs around that can offer a sharper image.

Because it is new tech, this TV is expensive, but if you have a high budget, it may be worth it to be an early adopter.

This is a 75-inch smart TV model that has a beautiful screen and the ability to upscale content into 8K image quality, making it worth the purchase even if there aren’t too many pieces of media in true 8K.

Reviews of this 75-inch TV have been positive overall, with most loving the 8K image quality. However, some reviewers say that picture quality isn’t worth it this early on.

Overall, this TV is recommended if you have a high budget and want to join the 8K people. While 8K hasn’t been normalized just yet, it’s still a TV that’s worth getting if you have the money. It can sharpen the picture of whatever you’re watching in order to get the best look possible. Check it out.

#3: SAMSUNG UN70TU7000 (Best Bundle)

If you’re new to the 4K UHD world, getting a 70-inch TV with other goodies is a smart move. This is a nice smart TV with a 4K resolution to it.

The TV has an Auto Game Mode, which allows the settings to adapt to whatever game it is you’re playing to reduce lag. Of course, the main focus on this TV is the bundle. It comes with cables, a wall mount, and several other goodies that allow you to get the perfect setup every time, especially if you’re buying a new Ultra HD TV for the first time.

Reviews of this 70-inch 4K TV have been positive overall, with most people praising its picture quality and its LED screen.

Overall, this is a great 70″ TV that has a good amount of extras with it as well. It is understandable why you would want a TV that’s part of a bundle.

#4: Hisense (Best Low Cost)

If you want a cheap TV, Best Buys’ selection can give you what you’re looking for. This is the best 70-inch TV model if you’re looking for a new 4K smart TV. This has it all for a lower cost than the others on this list.

It comes with everything you’d expect, from HDR content to sharp picture quality. It even comes with Bluetooth as well. While it’s not one of the big name brands, you’ll be surprised with what this 70-inch TV can do for you. Best Buy, best TV.

Reviews have been positive overall, with most satisfied by this model and its picture quality. For the price, many say it’s well worth it.

Overall, this is a great TV if you are on a tight budget. In most situations, you’d have to downgrade how big the TV is, but this manages to provide a 4K experience that doesn’t sacrifice anything.

We would have put a 1080p TV on this list, but because they are going out of style, you cannot find one of this size for cheap, at least not online. You may get lucky and find one used at your local thrift shop.

#5: LG 75UN7370PUH (Best 4K 75-Inch TV)

Finally, we have this LG TV. If you want something slightly bigger than 70 inches, but a 75-inch 8K TV isn’t for you, this is a great 75-inch 4K TV.

It has pretty much everything you’d expect from an LED TV. It has a sharp picture, a detailed screen, and is a new model that will last you a long time.

Reviews of this TV have been positive overall, with most praising it. The vocal minority who got duds chimed in as well.

Overall, this TV competes with the first one as being a good TV if you are just looking for the basics. If you want a 75″ TV that doesn’t have too many features and is a fair price, we believe that this TV is for you.

Is There a Big Difference Between a 65 and 70-Inch TV?

There isn’t too much of a difference between these two TVs besides the size of them and the fact that a 65-inch LED TV will be cheaper. In general, the 65-inch TV is 7 percent smaller in the diagonal part, and 14 percent in the overall area.

Should I Get a 65 or 75 TV?

The answer depends on your situation. If you can afford a 75 TV and have the room for it, then go for it. However, if you don’t, a 65-inch can suffice. With an LED TV, buying a big one is nice and all, but you should make sure you stay within your budget.

What About the Cheapies?

Some of the above are about as cheap as you’ll get with 70 or 75-inch TVs. TVs have a short store shelf life, and it’s hard to find an older model, new LED TV online. If you want to get cheaper, consider looking for 70″ TVs during Black Friday or another special time of the year. Alternatively, you may want to consider buying from thrift stores or through Craigslist. However, be mindful of the quality if you’re buying an LED TV this way.

Verdict: Your Best 70-Inch TVs

And there we have it. Five of the best TVs if you’re looking for some that have measurements in the 70s. In case you were busy catching up with your favorite shows, here are the top five TVs again.

First, we have the LG 70UN7370PUC. This TV is the overall the most balanced and is the best value. If you’re looking for something that will last you a good while, this 70″ will last you a long time.

Next up is the Samsung QN75Q900RBFXZA. This 75″ TV is an 8K model. This is an expensive TV, and it probably won’t be for everyone. However, if you’re looking to be an early adapter of the inevitable 8K takeover, this TV may not be a bad choice for you.

Third, the SAMSUNG UN70TU7000. This is a 70″ TV that comes in a bundle. From a stand to all the cords you need, this is good if you need all the extras and want to save a little bit through purchasing a bundle. Check it out.

Then we have the Hisense. Here is a TV you’ll want to try if you have a lower budget but you still want a 70″ TV. It’s still a 4K experience, but it’s not as pricey as the other TVs on this list.

Finally, the LG 75UN7370PUH. If you’re looking for a 75″ 4K TV, this is for you.

Choosing a TV is a tough decision. You’re going to be using it for years, if the TV works well. So you want something that will satisfy your every viewing need. You’ll want something that won’t feel dated in a few years. All five of these TVs work well for these reasons.

With that, we hope you have found the best TVs for the job. Good luck.

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