When it’s your main source of entertainment, it pays to get it right. These product reviews help you pick a TV that you’ll own for years. We want you to get value for money, as well as the most features for your dollar. Get started and enjoy!

Best TV for gaming

The Best TVs for Gaming

As you’re no doubt aware, the market for TVs is always changing. And while they continue to improve, and reduce in price, no two TVs are alike. Aside from the many bells and whistles, the specifications in hardware and software can drastically affect your viewing experience. And if you’re a keen gamer, this becomes even …

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The Best Smart TV 2020

The Best Smart TVs of 2020

As home tech continues to improve and get smarter, we can happily sit back and let it do more of the leg work for us. And smart TVs are no exception. If you currently own a standard digital TV, chances are you have all sorts of set-top boxes, endless wires, and constantly having to adjust …

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best 50-inch tvs

The Best 50-Inch TVs in 2020

A 50-inch TV is a nice little medium-sized device, between a tiny screen and a TV bigger than the wall you have to put it on. They show enough to keep most immersed in the show while coming at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a new 50-inch TV this season, you at least …

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best tvs with bluetooth

The Best TVs with Bluetooth in 2020

You would think a smart TV would have Bluetooth built into it. Bluetooth is to be expected with phones, tablets, modern laptops, and pretty much every other device out there. However, not all TVs have Bluetooth, instead most opt for Wi-Fi. Bluetooth can be a good alternative to Wi-Fi when it comes to streaming content …

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best 70 inch tv

The Best 70-Inch TVs in 2020

Looking for a nice TV? A 70-inch TV is a good size, and it manages to be affordable enough for many. Whether your old TV is standing on its last legs, or you just want to upgrade to 4K UHD, a good 70-inch TV can satisfy most needs. But which ones are the best? Let’s …

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